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Introducing the new “L12” entry level plug and play Foamstream system

The L12 is Weedingtech’s entry level plug and play Foamstream system – the first machine in the Foamstream Lite range. Operator driven, it relies on the operator to run it, rather the M600 & M1200 and can be mounted on a standard UTV.

With a rapid start-up time of 30-60 seconds the machine has unlimited trigger time and is very easy to use. Its diesel and petrol dual-fuel source powers its 12 litres per minute flow rate, matching that of the M1200 system. Its robust design is frame mounted with four fork-lift points and can be used on a variety of different vehicles. The L12 includes additional functionality for street cleaning and a new rinse-mode feature providing the operator with an option to use the machine with just water and no foam at high or low pressure.

Click here for more information & technical specifications.

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