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Furlong Equipment to Distribute Glyphosate-free Foamstream in Ireland

Furlong Equipment Services Ltd. are delighted to be launching Foamstream, the leading herbicide-free solution for weed control, to the Irish market.  

As Foamstream Ireland, this new division of Furlong Equipment will act as main importer and distributor of the solution to help organisations in Ireland make outdoor areas greener, cleaner and safer for all those who enjoy them. Its patented low-pressure process combines heat with biodegradable foam, making it safe for use around people, animals and delicate environments and it requires fewer treatment cycles than any other herbicide-free solution. 

Optional lances mean Foamstream can be used for more than just weed control. Designed for chewing gum removal, power washing and general sanitisation jobs, it is a highly effective, all-round, outdoor management system.  

Who is it suitable for? 

Foamstream is ideal for any contractor, council or organisation looking to reduce the use of herbicides from their practices and replace it with the most cost-effective and efficient alternative. Sectors currently using the Foamstream system worldwide include; 

  • Councils  
  • Public Maintenance 
  • Residential Maintenance 
  • Schools & parks 
  • Utilities 
  • Tourism 
  • Contracting Services 
  • Organic Sites 

Click here for some case studies to date.

Foamstream has already had some notable results in Ireland. In October 2018, Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council used the system in the RHSI Garden School in Marlay Park.

What are the key Foamstream benefits over using glyphosate? 

The use of glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) in public spaces has long been part of a wider debate around the herbicide. The general safety of its use in both the public sector and in agriculture is still in question. This debate has led to changes in legislation around the world as concern about its safety continues to rise. 

Foamstream was developed not only to alleviate concerns regarding the use of glyphosate around people and the environment, but also to address its functional limitations as a weed control product. As well as being herbicide-free, key benefits include; 

  • Foamstream can be used to treat in all weathers, on any surface, all year round (reducing costs attributed to downtime and allowing better planning of labour resources). 
  • Foamstream doesn’t need to have ongoing operator certification or training.
  • Foamstream doesn’t require the operator to wear protective clothing. 
  • Foamstream delivers instantly visible results. 

How does it work? 

Foamstream is powered by WeedingTech’s patented process – a unique blend of hot water insulated by a 100% environmentally friendly biodegradable foam made from natural plant oils and sugars. It can be used without restriction around people, animals, delicate ecosystems and waterways and has been cleared as safe for use, non-toxic and organic by numerous accreditation bodies in the countries in which Foamstream is used.  

The active ingredient in Foamstream is the heat from the hot water. The foam insulates the hot water, ensuring the heat is not lost to the atmosphere. This ensures the heat covers the plant for long enough for it to kill or severely damage the plant.  

It is applied and activated using WeedingTech’s state of the art machinery. There are currently two systems available, both of which fit perfectly onto UTVs, pick-up trucks and trailers. The second part of the patented Foamstream process is the biodegradable foams. These are made from natural plant oils and sugars and there are two foam blends available. 

Check out the process video below; 

Why is Foamstream so effective? 

The longer a plant is kept in the kill zone (temperatures above 57˚C) the better. By providing a layer of insulation, Foamstream holds the heat from the water in the kill zone for long enough to penetrate the leaf’s waxy outer layer, and travel down the stem and into the roots. This severely damages the plant, either killing it or causing it to die back. 

Foamstream holds the plant in the kill zone for longer than any other alternative thermal method. Watch our process video here. 

Where do I start? 

The system and biodegradable foams will be available to buy from Furlong Equipment as distributors of Foamstream Ireland. Systems will also be available for contractors, councils or other organisations to hire.

Contact to find out more about how Foamstream can be used in your organisation or click here for more information about Foamstream Ireland. 

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