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Hexagon’s Onboard Controllers Come To The Irish Market

Hexagon’s Onboard Controllers Come to the Irish Market

Furlong Equipment Services are delighted to launch the Hexagon Agriculture range of Onboard Controllers onto the Irish market.

The Hexagon Onboard Controllers combine a unit of software, sensors and actuators to monitor and automate crop input and related operations.

Some of the controllers qualify for the Dept. Of Agriculture TAMS II grant scheme and between 40-60% of the cost could be covered.

Key features include GPS auto-steering pilot (both electric and integrated hydraulic) and automated spraying control (both flow rate controller and auto section controller) that can be retrofitted to almost any boom sprayer on the market.

Other functions include;

  • Guidance by arrows and virtual guide
  • Seed control
  • Fertilisation control to regulate and automate fertiliser application
  • Planting monitor system that controls and adjusts the quantity of seeds applied to soil
  • Planting control with a simple touch of the screen, where the operator can open and close the planter clutches automatically or disconnect hydraulic motors that activate the lines
  • Detailed monitoring of machines and fleets that integrate with the information management system
  • Subsoiling depth monitoring system in soil preparation
  • Bait monitor that monitors the activities of formicidal bait and other inputs
  • Odometer system that controls the stretch of the vinasse hoses

Compatible with several market machines, the Hexagon Onboard Controllers are intuitive, robust and capable of importing prescription maps and exporting maps of executed work. The HxGN AgrOn solution offers more economical and efficient operations, ensured by products which integrate information technology with a broad market knowledge.

Hexagon also offers the unique service of remote technical assistance. A simple connection of appliances to the Internet – by cable, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G – allows the Hexagon technical team to view the user’s screen and resolve queries quickly, economically and in real time. For more information about Hexagon Controllers and to arrange a demo, contact us today or visit the Hexagon website to find out more about the range.

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