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ParkLand Bale Accumulator

A new product that we are now selling in Ireland. The ParkLand bale accumulator. Seen working here on P O’Connell Farms Ltd. Co. Laois. A fast and efficient way of collecting bales with less compaction in your fields.

About the ParkLand Bale Accumulator

With a Bale Accumulator from ParkLand, you are ensured fast and effective collecting of bales. When the trailer is fitted onto the baler, the bales are off-loaded in one or more rows or at the end of the field.

1 man can collect and load the bales at twice the speed compared to the time it takes 2 men when the bales are spread out all over the field.

When it’s time to harvest, there are great advantages in having a Bale Accmulator from ParkLand. Often, time is of the essence so it’s all about getting the harvest in as quickly as possible. The Bale Accumulator can do just that. You save both time and manpower by acquiring a Bale Accumulator, which can be adapted to all large hay balers and medium-sized hay balers. We manufacture the Bale Accumulator in two versions:

The 300 serie bale accumulator, which is used for straw

The 400 serie bale accumulator, which can be used for grass as well as straw bales.

There are many actual advantages in acquiring a bale accumulator: Time, money, working environment, reduction of structure damages. Read more about the advantages below.


When you hang a bale accumulator from ParkLand behind your hay baler, you can collect the bales considerably faster: 1 man collects and loads the bales at twice the speed compared to the time it takes 2 men when the bales are spread out all over the field.


Time is money. And with the bale accumulator, you save a great deal of time!

Working environment

When the bales are collected, you don’t need to drive backwards and forwards across the field to collect the bales. In so doing, you save yourself and your material from a great deal of jolting.


If you choose to just hook up a weighing facility, you can extract a great deal of information; for example the number of bales on the vehicle, how many bales are compressed and much more. You gain an overview.

The environment in general

The fact that you don’t need to drive so much on the field also means that you can reduce the amount of structure damages markedly.

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