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HxGN AgrOn Sprayer Control

Automated control system for spray sections during application. Automatically controls each spray section and minimises input overlap – avoiding application excess and failures. It also automatically controls the applied flow and guarantees optimal input dosage; even if the speeds of the machine operations vary. The product sends an alarm when the operation is outside of the appropriate range.



  • Automatic control of the spraying section
  • Enables manual control of sections
  • Enables automatic section closure
  • Allows installation with various valve assemblies
  • Monitors and controls the application of up to 2 liquid inputs in up to 16 sections
  • Integrated to the Ti5 or Ti7 display
  • Includes the Remote Access add-on module


  • Minimises overlapping in the input application
  • Optimises input applications
  • Reduces number of damaged seedlings
  • Increases productivity

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