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HxGN AgrOn Auto Steering

Automated precision navigation system for tractor, machinery and agricultural and forestry equipment.


Developed to improve performance and operation precision, this product aids in the navigation of tractors, machinery and agricultural and forestry implements, and ensures alignment and minimises overpass during planting, application of inputs and cultivation. AgrOn Auto Steering can be fully integrated with other functions of Hexagon’s precision agriculture equipment.

It allows the route to be planned directly from the office or a control room. It’s possible to maximise the field resources and reduce repeatability of trajectory, besides significantly decreasing soil compaction.

Wheel Angle Sensor (WAS)
Dedicated sensor to detect small deviations in trajectories even before GNNS (Global Navigation Satellite System), resulting in high accuracy performance.

  • Multi-axis gyro sensors
  • Identification of slight slope variations
  • Correction of variations by the control system


  • Electric or hydraulic activation
  • Includes an incline and abrupt manoeuvre correction system
  • Enables work on straight lines, curves and pivots, keeping the vehicle on the line even in difficult conditions
  • Adaptable to most of tractors on the market
  • High performance guaranteeing better adjustment to the route
  • Possibility of loading lines projected in the office
  • Integrated to the Ti5 (Eletric) or Ti7 display (Eletric or Hydraulic)
  • Has the additional module of Remote Access


  • High-precision performance
  • Better prepares soil
  • Automates machine operations
  • Reduction of non-productive times

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