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SAM Horizon 5500

SAM Sprayer’s high capacity, high output ‘Horizon’ range offers users a comprehensive choice of self-propelled crop sprayers. The high capacity 5500 Horizon is one of the largest models.

GPS section control can be fitted on request.



The high capacity 5500 Horizon is one of our largest models.  The 5500 models benefit from having our unique Panoramic cab. Designed in house and built in Germany this cab features the latest Category 4 filtration. Comfort, visibility, build quality and ergonomics are to the highest standard and the impressive low noise levels take operator wellbeing to the next stage. 

Powered by the latest Deutz Tier 4 Final turbocharged engine rated at 180 kW (242hp) the 5500 boasts a high power to weight ratio offering excellent performance even in the most arduous conditions. 

Driving Dynadrive wheel motors with full dynamic disc brakes on all wheels the 5500 complies with all legal road regulations.  The ‘SmartDrive’ also automatically changes wheel motor displacements as forward speed is increased. This system can be further advanced with Traction Control if required. 

Fitted in the cab is both a foot brake and accelerator which can be used on the road for smooth and safe operation up to the machines maximum speed. The cab also features a tactile membrane keypad for all control functions. As with all Horizon and Vision machines numerous options are available – see the options page for more details. 

The 5500 is an obvious sized machine to take a larger than 24m booms and the factory built steel booms now feature hydraulic anti-yaw and can spray at 12, 24 and the widest boom width. They can also be fitted with the latest Hypro ‘DuoReact’  nozzle bodies for the fitment of fertiliser dribble bars.

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