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Claydon Hybrid M – Mounted Drills

Incredibly versatile, flexible and simple. Drill direct into stubble – min till – or plough.



Incredibly versatile, flexible and simple. Drill direct into stubble – min till – or plough. Over 16 years’ development experience. 

The leading tine busts out compaction, puts air in the soil and creates drainage and tilth for the seeding zone. The seeding tine then creates more tilth and places the seed under the tilth at your chosen depth above the drainage channel.

  • High clearance 
  • Simple to set up, easy to use, very low maintenance

Super-Efficient Strip Till

Claydon Hybrid Drills deliver on the promise of super-efficient strip tillage. Incorporating the leading Claydon in-line tine design, all models benefit from a range of stand-out features to make this a truly versatile tool for low cost establishment:

  • Simple, strong, lightweight design.
  • HUGE trash clearance.
  • Low horsepower, low fuel usage.
  • Low running costs: minimal wearing and moving parts.
  • Long-life tungsten carbide leading tines.
  • Quick, easy servicing – change wearing metal in minutes.
  • Highly manoeuvrable.
  • Exact seed placement – wheels run on undisturbed ground.
  • Constant seed depth from stiff spring steel seeding tines.
  • No capping – wheels run between the seeded rows.
  • Levels fields, follows contours with soil grading chassis design.
  • Easy calibration, intuitive controls.

Integrated Fertiliser Options

For the Claydon Hybrid mounted machines, fertiliser technology is offered as a complete unit in the 3m fertiliser drill. Hoppers can be fitted to any mounted Hybrid drill.  Granular or liquid fertiliser hoppers can be fitted to the front.  A microfert tank can be fitted to the rear.

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