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Foamstream M1200

  • Large diesel and Foamstream tank capacity- which equates to a full days operational running (6.5 hours depending on usage
  • Low cost of operation
  • Fast treatment speed
  • Long reach hose options (30-90m)
  • Interchangeable lance options


The most cost effective and versatile solution for controlling unwanted vegetation and carrying out sanitisation tasks in large green and urban spaces.

The Foamstream M1200 was designed with high-performance in mind, providing its owner with a lower cost of operation than the M600. It delivers a high flow rate of 12 litres per minute and faster speed of treatment than the M600- it also comes with a larger water capacity as standard. Particularly well suited to treating large open areas in urban and rural environments, when treatment time is key consideration. Mountable on a pick-up, flatbed truck or trailer, the M1200 includes additional functionality for sanitisation, street cleaning, gum removal and power washing.

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